wp_aboutOriginally from Guyana, South America, Dave came to the U.S. with his parents, who were hoping to provide a better future for their children. After high school Dave joined the Air Force, which taught him discipline, determination, focus and the importance of being a true team player. After serving four years in the Air Force, Dave attended college and then began a series of corporate jobs, hoping to climb the ladder in his career. He got his first job at MCI, went to work as a field engineer, and even sold Kirby vacuum cleaners in between jobs.

Moving to Florida to make a new start, Dave quickly found a job at McCaw Cellular, where he worked as a technician, then advanced to engineering and finally project management. Even though Dave had gained a good foothold in the corporate world, he found the routine depressing and knew that there had to be more to life. While working at McCaw, Dave’s sister and brother-in-law introduced to him to an opportunity to start a marketing business. Dave got excited and decided to focus his efforts on building his own business.

Building his business was challenging, but Dave realized that in every phase of life there will be times when you are tested. Dave decided to learn through adversity, bouncing back stronger all while continuing to remain focused on his business. Today, Dave’s business is thriving, and he has the flexibility to be able to spend quality time with his children Ananta and Anila at their home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

As Dave has achieved success in his business, he also gives his time and energy to support worthwhile charities. Dave is especially active supporting Easter Seals and the U.S. Dream Academy because of the programs these organizations have developed to meet the needs of children and returning veterans. Dave truly understands the value of helping others and has made it a priority in his life.

Dave continues building his business with tremendous enthusiasm and passion, having a very positive impact on people around the world. Dave is super excited about the future. He truly believes that the best is yet to come and the rewards are endless!